Meghan Vergara Certified Sommelier

Owner and operator Meghan Vergara is a certified Sommelier with over 15 years experience working in world class culinary and wine markets such as New York City and Napa Valley.  During her extensive Sommelier training and tenure at the some of the nation’s top restaurants she learned from the very best industry professionals, wine makers and successful business owners how to create a wine experience like no other.

Mrs. Vergara has dedicated her career to the pursuit of excellence in wine knowledge. She believes in sharing the joy, beauty and craftsmanship of good wine and making it simpler to understand and take part in confidently whether you own a large restaurant or are sharing a delicious glass amongst friends.


Batonnage Mentorship Program
Bâtonnage Mentorship Program Awards. This program serves to create a pragmatic, positive, inclusive course forward wherein individuals who have traditionally been overlooked or spoken over achieve equal opportunities, equal representation and especially equal leadership positions within all sectors and tiers of our industry.

With programs in Viticulture, Production, Sales & Marketing, Retail & Hospitality, this Mentorship offers connections & education from some of the leading names in the wine business today such as:

Maya Dalla Valle
Cathy Corison
Priyanka French
Rebekah Wineburg
& many more..

It was an honor to be awarded an inaugural Mentorship and I highly recommend applying here: Batonnage Mentorship Prorgam

Official recipient of the 2019 Fuel Your Dreams scholarship award from Women of the Vine & Spirits.

Announced October 2019.

Completion of OIV Wine Marketing Program at University of California, Davis.
Course taken June 22 -26, 2019.

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