• Corporate Wine Tastings In 2021

    March 5, 2021

    Corporate wine tastings in 2021 are on the rise. An effective and fun way to build connection and gain knowledge on a topic that everyone loves to learn more about, WINE! As we see the continuation of virtual and hybrid events (distanced in person combined with virtual) we accept that variations of virtual offerings in corporate event planning are here to stay.Here’s the thing with wine though – it adds a shared sensory element that cannot be denied to any event whether in person, virtual or hybrid. When everyone is sharing the same wine that they can taste, smell and touch it brings everyone together and creates a great common topic that acts as an ice breaker. Wine is a fun subject to learn about as well as one that is used for both business situations and social interactions. Having an interactive guest Sommelier speaker adds a level of fun and sophistication to any event no matter the format.

    What Are Corporate Wine Tastings?

    Corporate wine tastings are a great team building activity because they are fun and relax the group. Wine is often seen as a gift so when it is received team members feel appreciated by their company. Wine is also a cue to relax and have fun but in an elegant manner, perfect for business events with the goal of bringing people together but that want something more enhanced than a simple happy hour

    How Much Do Corporate Wine Tastings Cost?

    Corporate Wine Tasting prices vary based on the type of wine and speaker chosen but are often a per person amount ranging anywhere from $100 – $250.

    What Does A Corporate Wine Tasting Look Like?

    A corporate virtual wine tastings usually involves a selection of three wines being offered for the group to taste through with a wine educator host to talk them through the wines and regions in an interactive format.

    What Is Veritas Consultants?

    Veritas Consultants is a full-service Napa wine events company. We create memorable and elegant wine tasting events led by Sommelier Meghan Vergara!

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    Toques e Clochers Cremant de Limoux (Sparkling Wine), Limoux, France – $19.95 – Bev Mo
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